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Rent a Scooter in Andros !                                    Discover the Island !

With our scooters you can easily and quickly discover the beauty of Andros Island . Further we propose some of the most well known places you can visit:
  1. Only 3 km from Chora you find the beautiful village Stenies, known for its nautical tradition. Near the village there are two beautiful beaches the Gialia and the Piso Gialia.
  2. Only 7 km from Chora you will explore the village Apoikia which where you can find the well known source Sariza and the area Pithara .The Apikia are connected with Stenies not only by street but by pathway.
  3. On the way 3 km from Apikia you will meet the Saint –Nicolas monastery from there you can see the beautiful beach Achla, which you can reach by pathway from the monastery.
  4. Also, on the way from the monastery Saint Nicolas before reaching the village Vourkoti you will meet a pathway which takes you to the highest tops of Andros mountains.
  5. Reaching 22 km from Chora you find Korthi there are the beach and a village called Sineti , the Saint Panteleimonas monastery ,the Dipotamata with the water miles ,the Paleokastro , and also the well known beach the Grias Pidima.
  6. Reaching 16 km from Chora you find the village Paleopoli ,the archaeological museum .On your way to this you will meet Lamira ( 2 km ) , the Menites ( 4 km) with water sources, and the beaches Plaka and Chalkolimnionas ( 11 km)
  7. Also 25 km from Chora you find the well known Batsi and to 36 km the Gavrio port with many beautiful beaches having easy access.
  8.  To Choraof Andros don’t miss visiting the beaches Neimporio , Paraporti , Lidi, the Goulandri museums,the museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, and finally the Archaeological museum. At the end of the Central Street there is the Square of the Lost Sailor and the Enetical Castle and the Nautical museum.

You can find us at the beginning of the Nimporio beach of Chora where we can answer all your questions!


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