Month: February 2019


andros where to stay

The second largest of the Cyclades islands. It is also the closest to Athens, making it an easy choice to visit. The best places to stay in Andros are close to the city center of Andros. Andros where to stay… I can stay at Andros Town which is also the geographical center of the island.
Andros has so many springs that the waters run from the rocks. As a result, the island of Andros is much greener than the other islands. It has natural forest, wildflowers, many citrus fruits and olive groves.

Apart from the lush land that makes its water stand out, Andros is also rich in history.


Fresh produce, neoclassical mansions and many walkers are the main visitors of Andros. Visitors are looking for a beautiful sandy and lonely Cycladic beach that the island generously provides.

This island has paved trails that lead to cool lush valleys, waterfalls, wildflowers as well as interesting archaeological sites.

As for beach lovers, Andros has more than a hundred beaches for all requirements. Many organized beaches with bars, sun loungers and lots of secluded coves that you can only reach if you have a 4 × 4 or if you rent one of our boats.
Where to stay … If you stay in our apartments you do not need a car to travel on the beautiful sidewalk and both of our locations are very close.
Andros is also a great destination for hikers, swimmers and explorers of all kinds, as well as bird watching. Explore our blog on our other website to get more information. Andros is different from many islands you know. Choose Andros for a getaway, but if you dedicate your holiday to it, it will compensate you with the above!

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